The absent creator returns

Hello, dear gentlefriends! It has been a while. But fear not, I have returned to the world of science fiction after an age spent toiling in the belly of the beast (aka. the university system. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy recently, can you tell?) ANYWAY. I am three weeks away from finishing my […]

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Life underground: is it possible?

A lot of science fiction contemplates the consequences of nuclear war, overpopulation and our seemingly inevitable destruction of the planet. When confronted with these situations, we seem to have two main options: find a habitable planet outside of our solar system, or retreat to vast underground cities. The first option is still a little bit […]

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Big Brother is watching you

Since its publication in 1949, George Orwell’s 1984 has become an integral part of the modern world. Big Brother now exists beyond the scope of the novel, and is our go-to descriptor when talking about the ever-present surveillance systems in our world. We’re all used to seeing CCTV cameras on buildings or street corners, but […]

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The Matrix has arrived (sort of)

The Matrix has long been a favourite of science fiction fans, with its robot overlords, the ability to upload knowledge directly to the human brain, and the impossible freedoms within the Matrix itself. In terms of science fiction films, it’s got it all. But so much of the science ‘fiction’ in The Matrix is fiction […]

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Cyborgs: the future of humanity?

Movies like Robocop and The Terminator have long captured our imaginations. They’re full of thrilling action sequences, intriguing conspiracies, and impossible science. We’re presented with these fictional universes in which humanity is more-than-human, sometimes for the better (in the case of Robocop) and sometimes for the worse (in the case of The Terminator). These cyborgs […]

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